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NEWS 新着情報
Sep 22, 2023
If you cannot proceed even after pressing the "Confirm Order" button / 「確認する」ボタンを押しても先に進めない場合
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who are unable to complete their orders.

If you do not proceed even after pressing the "Confirm Order" button on the final order screen, there is an error in one of the information you have entered.
- Have you selected your desired delivery date?
- Have you selected your desired delivery time?
- The second line of the address (the first line of the address field that can be entered) can contain up to 32 characters. If the address is too long, please enter it on the third line of the address.
- Are there any other parts of the screen where an "error" message is displayed?

Please check again and press the "Confirm Order" button. You can complete your order by pressing the "Order" button on the next screen.


- 配送希望日は選択しましたか?
- 配送希望時間は選択しましたか?
- 住所の2行目(入力できる住所欄1行目)は32文字までです。長くなってしまう場合は、住所の3行目に入力してください。
- その他、画面上で「エラー」表示が出ている部分はありませんか?

Sep 16, 2023
To customers of the old site / 旧サイトで会員登録されていた皆様へ
The site has been renewed!

-If you registered as a member on the previous site, you will need to reset your password.
-Even if you enter your old email address and reset your password,
 If you do not receive the email, please register as a new member.



Thank you.
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