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Super Sadiatec (Good for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam)

Super Sadiatec (Good for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam)
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No Extra time cut!! ( 01 min. Slot) IP phone of KDDI/NTT/YAHOO BB(050- some 4 digits - some 4 digits) to Bangladesh (Home, Mobile): 703mins, Australia: 795mins, India: 995mins, India Mobile: 1063mins, Indonesia: 292mins, Indonesia (Jakarta): 585mins, Malaysia: 1050mins, Malaysia Mobile: 703mins, Philippines:187mins, Philippines(Mobile): 175mins. From All Japan Home phone to Bangladesh (Home, Mobile): 351mins, Australia: 394mins, India: 468mins, India Mobile: 503mins, Indonesia: 218mins, Indonesia (Jakarta): 394mins, Malaysia: 486mins, Malaysia Mobile: 382mins, Philippines:130mins, Philippines (Mobile): 141mins. From Japan (Nationwide) Public phone to Bangladesh (Home, Mobile): 304mins, Australia: 336mins, India: 368mins, India Mobile: 377mins, Indonesia: 200mins, Indonesia (Jakarta): 336mins, Malaysia: 402mins, Malaysia Mobile: 328mins, Philippines:141mins, Philippines(Mobile): 134mins. From Japan Mobile to Bangladesh Mobile: 119mins, Australia: 124mins, Canada: 138mins, India: 127mins, Indonesia(jakarta): 124mins, Malaysia: 131mins.
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