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Baticrom Halal Restaurant and sweetmeat, in Japan First maker of traditional sweetmeats from Indian subcontinent (specially for BANGALI Peoples), unique for its aroma and taste, will remind you that taste which you left it in your home country. In addition, new fresh snacks Like; NIMKI, PIAJU, CHOLA-BOOT, SHINGARA, SAMOSA, will bring back an ample of enjoyment that will definitely assure you a delightful evening.  Now all are available in Baticrom Halal Restaurant & Sweetmeat at Tokyo To, Kita Ku, Akabane Minami 2-16-11, Diamond Building 2F. 


Do You Still Remember the Short Story ``Roshogolla`` by Syed Mujtaba Ali, who was a famous writer in Bangla literature?


Syed Mujtaba Ali pictured ``JHANDU DA``  character in his humorous writing ``Roshogolla`` where a bangali businessman named JHANDU DA had a big battle against custom staff in venice port, Italy on the way to London. Bringing a vaccuam tin pack Roshogolla for his friend`s daughter was the reason why he was interrupted and insisted to open the tin. When we would imagine JHANDU DA, a big angry man grabs the collar of that thin custom staff, forcibly put roshogolla into his mouth and yelling `O Poran! Khabini! we must feel laughing.

It really depicted how much relish Roshogolla contains for its great eaters!



> Baticrom Halal Restaurant, saving its customers not to get any awkward situation without following the proper rules of food inspection department in NARITA / HANEDA / or other major airports accross Japan at their time of arrival after longway travel from BANGLADESH / INDIA / PAKISTAN. We usually encounter anyway!

> It has now full solution (Culinary + Serving) for you which will definitely fulfill your appetite for all juicy sweets and more....................................