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Super Japan

Product Code: calling card#16
Weight: 1.00pc
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Price: 1,750.00
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!! 04 min. rounding up!! From NTT access(Japan) Area
to Bangladesh-273mins, Bhutan: 97mins, Brazil: 273mins, Brazil(Rio, Sanpaolo): 375mins, Egypt: 100mins, Egypt(Mobile): 122mins, Ghana: 188mins, Iran: 171mins, Kuwait: 154mins, Laos: 231mins, Libya: 68mins, Malaysia: 375mins, Mali: 88mins, Mongolia: 188mins, Myanmar: 71mins, Nepal: 125mins, Nigeria: 143mins, Pakistan: 182mins, Russia: 261mins, Saudi Arabia: 130mins, South Africa: 240mins, Srilanka: 154mins,Syria: 71mins, Tanzania: 85mins, Thailand: 400mins, Thailand-Bankok: 400mins, Togo: 118mins, Tunisia: 75mins, Turkey: 250mins, Turkimenistan: 122mins, UK: 429mins, UAE: 120mins, Vietnam: 240mins, Zimbabwe: 59mins.
05 rounding up!! from Japan (YAHOO BB IP)
to Bangladesh-500mins, Bhutan: 111mins, Brazil: 500mins, Brazil(Rio, Sanpaolo): 857mins, Egypt: 118mins, Egypt(Mobile): 150mins, Gabon: 162mins, Ghana: 261mins, Iran: 231mins, Kuwait: 200mins, Laos: 333mins, Libya: 75mins, Malaysia: 857mins, Mali: 102mins, Mongolia: 273mins, Myanmar: 79mins, Nepal: 150mins, Nigeria: 182mins, Pakistan: 273mins, Russia: 429mins, Saudi Arabia: 150mins, South Africa: 333mins, Srilanka: 182mins, Syria: 79mins, Tanzania: 95mins, Thailand: 750mins, Thailand-Bankok: 750mins, Togo: 140mins, Tunisia: 82mins, Turkey: 400mins, Turkimenistan: 150mins, UK: 1000mins, UAE: 136mins, Vietnam: 353mins, Zimbabwe: 65mins.
Package Size:1 piece



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