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KDDI Smart (Good for KDDI IP phone/NTT IP/Yahoo BB)::

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Non cutting ( 01 min. Slot) card!!

IP phone of KDDI/NTT/YAHOO BB(050- some 4 digits - some 4 digits) to Bangladesh (Home, Mobile): 600mins, Australia: 680mins, India: 851mins, India Mobile: 910mins, Indonesia: 260mins, Indonesia (Jakarta): 680mins, Malaysia: 1105mins, Malaysia Mobile: 641mins, Philippines:160mins, Philippines(Mobile): 150mins.

From All Japan Home phone to Bangladesh (Home, Mobile): 300mins, Australia: 337mins, India: 400mins, India Mobile: 430mins, Indonesia: 187mins, Indonesia (Jakarta): 337mins, Malaysia: 416mins, Malaysia Mobile: 327mins, Philippines:129mins, Philippines (Mobile): 121mins.

From Japan (Nationwide) Public phone to Bangladesh (Home, Mobile): 260mins, Australia: 288mins, India: 315mins, India Mobile: 323mins, Indonesia: 171mins, Indonesia (Jakarta): 288mins, Malaysia: 344mins, Malaysia Mobile: 281mins, Philippines:121mins, Philippines(Mobile): 115mins.
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