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Super Twin Tower

Product Code: calling card#21
Weight: 1.00pc
Availability: In Stock
Price: 1,750.00
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!!03 rounding up!! Dialing from Yahoo BB line to Dhaka400, Sylhet,Chittagong:: 350 mins, Outside of Dhaka & Mobile: 280 mins<> from 02/03/04 to Other Countries; like, Australia: 270 Mins., Brazil: 200Mins, China: 353Mins, Denmark: 270 Mins, France: 270 Mins, Germany: 270 Mins, India: 130 Mins, Indonesia(Jakarta): 270 Mins, Indonesia: 140 Mins, Iran: 110 Mins, Italy: 270 Mins, Korea(South) : 280Mins, Kuwait: 158 Mins, Malaysia: 300 Mins, Mongolia: 182Mins., Myanmar: 75 Mins, Nepal: 80Mins, Pakistan: 100Mins., Philippines: 143mins., Singapore:300 Mins, Saudi Arabia: 120mins, South Africa: 190 Mins, Spain: 230mins., Srilanka: 125mins., Thailand: 204 Mins, Turkey: 128Mins, UK: 300 Mins, USA: 353 Mins.
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